Rick Morton and his team (featuring D-Rock and Edina) are the morning show on Z90/San Diego. The trio plays together well, and those skills are on full display in this segment that shows off great storytelling detail.

Listen to the story D-Rock shares about an unexpectedly expensive dinner at a top Los Angeles restaurant for his first wedding anniversary:

Here’s what I love about this story:

  • Rick helps D-Rock tell the story. Listen to how he slows the story down for more details at a few key points.
  • D-Rock does a great job dropping Bread Crumbs throughout the story. Just when you think the story is wrapping up, it picks up again and gets another gear.
  • Both Edina and Rick are in the moment with the storyteller. Rick has several funny one-liners, but they never let these brief detours distract from the story.
  • But best of all, D-Rock paints a picture that points to his emotions! He uses the right details that cause listeners to feel what he felt at the time.

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