The most effective ideas are almost always a result of creating something new by building on something familiar.  KLOVE morning host Carlos Aguiar did just that by tapping into Casey Kasem’s classic Long Distance Dedication to create his own unique feature called Somewhere Out There.

One of the most popular segments of Casey Kasem’s American Top 40 program was the “Long Distance Dedication,” in which listeners would call in to request a song dedication to a friend or loved one who was far away. Kasem would read the dedications on air, often adding personal comments or anecdotes.

Long Distance Dedication

Casey’s Long Distance Dedication segment became a beloved part of American Top 40 and a staple of Casey’s style. It was a major reason why the show was so popular among listeners, as they could dedicate a song to a loved one and have that dedication broadcast on the air. Kasem read the dedication with emotion and sincerity, making it a special moment for the caller and the person the dedication was for. The dedications were often emotional and heartwarming, and Kasem’s on-air delivery added to the emotional impact.

The segment was so popular that many radio programs and countdown shows have since tried to emulate it. However, few have been able to capture the same sense of intimacy and emotional connection that Kasem and American Top 40 were able to establish with listeners.

Until now. Carlos explains his idea for the feature:


It’s a great idea, but even the best ideas only work with outstanding execution. Listen to how Carlos pours himself into telling the stories to produce meaningful, emotional connections:


  1. Somewhere Out There Divorce
  2. Somewhere Out There Friends
  3. Somewhere Out There In Jail


For details on how to create and program this feature on your show, go here.

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