As gas prices surge, everyone’s talking about it. But what can a show do with it? Well, you could launch a gas giveaway, like this Free Fuel promotion. But Jonathan and Ayla, the morning show on WKLB/Boston found a unique entry point to discuss Shaq’s Gas Math.

For context, here’s a video of Shaq on Inside the NBA talking about how to save money on gas. Watch this. It’s hilarious.

The show uses audio from this to punctuate its story. The two segments below are great examples of hijacking a topic. They start with the price of gas, Jonathan references Shaq’s Gas Math, play just enough of the audio to make it more interesting, and the show picks up the story from there. They make it their own.

Here’s how Jonathan and Ayla used it:

And here’s the second part of the story, as Jonathan explains what he thinks Shaq meant:

  • The first segment got off to a bit of a clunky start with the “shingles” discussion. But once they get into the conversation about Shaq, it was hard to turn off!
  • They end segment 1 at just the right time, and Jonathan has a great tease for the next segment. He’s going to Shaq-splain it to Ayla!
  • Part 2 was even better, as the show tried to dissect what the heck Shaq was saying!.

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