Ordinary shows take ordinary topics and present them in ordinary ways. Extraordinary shows add their unique style of creativity and turn ordinary topics into compelling, interactive dramas. That’s what happened when Bonneville’s Country-formatted KYGO/Denver featuring Tracy and Fizz created serial content that stretched across several days.

The show started talking about the proper amount of toys kids should have. The conversation advanced and turned into suspense that ended with Tracy revealing her “embarrassing” collection.

Here are some of the highlights, starting with a segment after the topic was introduced. The team is talking about how many toys are too many.

Now that the topic has been hijacked, the attention is on Tracy’s nerdy collection. And the intrigue begins:

It doesn’t take long for listeners to start helping Fizz with the guessing game. The mystery continues, and the conversation becomes a little nostalgic as listeners guess the collection. Brilliant.

Listeners are hooked and the guesses keep coming!

And here’s another segment. The more they guess, the greater the anticipation as the show builds toward the payoff:

The next day, Fizz is desperate. After asking the three questions he’s allowed each day, he talks to Tracy’s husband, Mr. Tracy:

And finally, the reveal. On Friday morning, nobody has guessed the collection until a listener comes through:

What a great example of:

  • Inserting the personalities into the topic.
  • Engaging listeners to participate and play along.
  • Turning the topic into a simple game that is impossible to not play along with.
  • Planning the sequence so the storyline plays out over multiple days. This is a great story arc.

It’s no wonder this show is nominated for CMA Personalities Of The Year!

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