The KMVQ/San Francisco morning show, known as Big Bay Mornings, built a strong foundation on key features. From there, they’ve become great storytellers. but the individual characters of Benny, Nicki, and Greg are exploding on the air through personal storytelling.

Listen to this segment featuring Benny sharing an embarrassing situation at the dermatologist:

Here’s why I love it:

  • Every cast member is engaged and fully in the story.
  • Benny paints the picture with colorful details that cause you to feel his anxiety.
  • Each time the story reaches a new height, Benny adds to it. It’s like adding cliffhangers to a TV series. It just keeps getting better!
  • They end with a great punchline, punctuated with a tease for a similar story and an invitation for listeners to participate.
  • Then there’s a tease for one of the show’s signature features, Big Money Minute.

But the single best thing about this segment is the preparation that went into it. When celebrating this break during a coaching session, Greg said they spent a considerable amount of time the day before planning exactly how they would execute this story.

Great moments on the radio don’t just happen by accident. It’s the result of great preparation in advance so the fun can happen naturally and sound spontaneous. That’s the principle of Prepare Tight, Perform Loose. Big Bay Mornings nailed it!

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