KYGO/Denver’s Tracy and Fizz are one of the top-rated shows in the market and one of the best-kept secrets in personality radio. The show is clever, genuinely funny (check out their Phonanigans feature each day), and connected emotionally to the audience through a unique ability to boldly “go there” when it’s appropriate.

Recently, Tracy’s son was bullied at school, then suspended when he defended himself. Tracy didn’t take it lying down. This segment is an amazing example of a well-constructed personal story about bullying that is passionate and emotional without being out-of-control.

This is the type of difference-making performance that causes listeners to become fans. It’s why radio shows are more than just voices on the air playing “my favorite songs”. This is why radio personalities exist.


  • This a great example of how to be personal and vulnerable, yet powerful when dealing with a difficult topic.
  • Many shows get overly emotional. Tracy maintains control while letting the emotions come through. It’s a great example of showing the wound, not the scar.
  • Her story reveals her character, personality, and heart, allowing listeners to get to know and respect her better.

The rest of this story is still being told. Listener reaction has been overwhelming and the show is planning an ongoing campaign to become their “cause”.


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