Lauree Austin is the midday personality on Contemporary Christian KLOVE, the network that is positioned as “Positive and Encouraging”. That’s a great brand value, especially today! Listeners are looking to their favorite radio station to escape the stress and bad news that surrounds them. That’s why this segment about the Pep Toc Hotline was so perfect for her show.

The hotline was started by a kindergarten teacher, who asked her students to record positive messages, then made them available as a recorded service to anyone that calls.

Kids’ voices prompt callers with a menu of options. Lauree does a great job shining a spotlight on the hotline and personalizing it. Here’s the aircheck:



There are many things a personality could do with this segment:

– Call the hotline and play the audio as Lauree did. The phone number is 707-998-8410.

– Make it a phone topic. Have kids call the show with encouraging messages. Record them (of course), then edit and use them in imaging. Or go even further and set up a recorded line to leave a message.

– Start your own version of this recorded hotline using your station’s talent. Update it once a week with new messages. As it catches on, get celebrities (artists, local celebs, etc.) to participate.

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