The Frank Ski show (KISS-FM/Atlanta) features cohost Nina Brown’s Nosey Report each hour. The Nosey Report is a clever play on words meaning Nina is in the KNOW, and she’s also sticking her NOSE into pop culture. It’s the show’s Entertainment Report.

The segment is built on a solid structure but the segment is a success because of how Nina pours her personality through the content.

Listen to this segment:

Nina is bold, opinionated, and owns the segment with a strong attitude throughout.

Here’s why it works so well:

The break follows a consistent structure, the Jab-Jab-Punch formula explained in detail in our workshop here. But it’s Nina’s bold personality and attitude that make it stand out. This report is loaded with a perspective and point of view.


  • Nina has an opinion on each story. She’s not reporting on what happened. She’s delivering character-building commentary! The audience gets to know her a little better in each segment.
  • Each story is light on facts and heavy on Nina’s attitude. She uses just enough information so listeners know what she’s talking about, but not so much that it becomes a “report”.
  • Editing the facts to include only what is necessary (supports her opinion and premise) keeps the segment tight and efficient while leaving room for her personality to shine through. The segment is 3:24 and there’s plenty of room for expression without rushing.

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