When Z90/San Diego’s Rick Morton told me he wanted to name his new prank call feature The Phone Jibba, I thought he was nuts and tried to talk him out of it. But he was right. Listeners caught on in just a couple of weeks and the Jibba was on the way to being the centerpiece of the station’s highly popular Morton In The Morning show.

Jibba is a meaningless, made-up word. And it fits the hilarious feature that airs once per hour on the show. Morton’s calls are hilarious and follow a strict structure:

  1. Set Up The Premise so the audience knows what to expect.
  2. Establish a rapport with the “victim”.
  3. Surprise them with a twist they weren’t expecting.
  4. Exaggerate the conversation to the absurd.
  5. Provide relief and get them to laugh along with you.

For a detailed guide to creating prank calls, click here.

Listen to these examples and hear how Morton executes the structure in each:


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