Here’s a great example of how to capture the flavor of a fun, vibrant morning show, promote it via social media, and make tuning in to hear the show an irresistible priority. Benny, Nikki, and Greg on Big Bay Mornings (KMVQ/San Francisco) repurpose highlights of their show in a weekly video they call Big Bay Mornings Mix Tape.

It’s a high-energy, fun way to show off the character traits and excitement happening on the show.

Here’s a recent example:



Here’s why I love it:

  • It moves fast, but the content flow makes sense. The highlights are edited tightly, but not so tightly that it becomes a collection of random, out-of-context clips.
  • They laugh! This is nothing but high-energy fun that is an ideal representation of the sound of the show as well as the desired image we want to project.
  • Each of the show’s characters (plus their producer, Art) are showcased.
  • The closed-caption text displayed helps users follow along.

This is a great execution of a terrific idea and could be a complement to a Top 10 Highlights Podcast (audio on demand) feature.

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