WARNING: This is not a recommendation or suggestion that your show should launch a rant about Covid, masking, vaccinations, or any other politically-charged topic.

However, when a personality has a strong, passionate position, this is how you do it.

This segment from Matt & Sarah, the morning show on Jack-FM/Calgary is a great example of being connected to the community and reflecting what is happening in the city. And doing it with personality that really stands out.

On the day after the province of Alberta announced new restrictions due to recurring outbreaks. Calgary was 80% vaccinated, and the minority is quite vocal against vaccination, as you probably assume. It’s a controversial, emotionally-charged topic. And most shows avoid it completely. And that’s fine for many shows.

But Matt had strong feelings about it and launched an unplanned, spontaneous segment from the heart. It’s performing with passion.

Yes, there were complaints and threats that “I’ll never listen again”.  And there’s been a ton of “You go, Matt” comments as well. This is a terrific example of planting a flag and making a powerful statement. He’s definitely not in the Zone Of Mediocrity.

For details on how to deal with difficult topics, click here.


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