Few things relate directly lead to the increased time spent listening. Mastering The Art Of The Tease pays dividends in ratings, audience attention, and can enhance programming.

In most cases, programmers leave teasing to the talent. But there are many ways to tease by applying solid fundamentals to all aspects of programming.

Rhythmic AC Magic 92.5/San Diego uses special themed music programming to drive more attention to weekend listening. I love how Program Director Randy “RDub” Williams leads listeners through commercials by getting listeners to play along with a simple trivia question.

Part 1 asks a multiple-choice trivia question that also positions the weekend with solid imaging.  Note: Offering multiple-choice is key because it gives everyone a chance to at least guess the answer.

Part 2 is heard out of the commercial set. It answers the question, reinforces the specialty programming, and introduces a song from the year referenced in the trivia question.

Here’s how it sounds:



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