Big Bay Mornings on KMVQ/San Francisco¬†is a morning show that’s on a roll. Benny, Nikki, and Greg have been growing consistently for months on the strength of their signature features. In the meantime, their character traits are emerging more and more through fun, character-defining segments like Nikki’s Made Up Words.

This segment highlights one of Nikki’s quirks, which is one of the best ways for listeners to get to know a personality. It’s one of the key steps in building a strong Character Profile. It turns out that Nikki has a habit of mispronouncing words and phrases, and she even invents her own vocabulary.

Listen to how the show capitalizes on this quirk in this segment:

This is a great example of:

  • Listen and Respond. The whole show listening to what is being said and responding in the moment.
  • Staying focused. They never allow the conversation to drift away from the “essence” of the storyline. There are no dead ends or detours, which are common in segments like this.
  • Nikki is bold enough to “own” her quirk, while Greg and Benny are confident enough to tease her about this very relatable characteristic.

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