A well-worded tease drives repeat listening. It’s one of the most valuable skills for all personalities. At KBLX/San Francisco, cohost Kimmie T has mastered the craft. Her teases are interesting, creative, and reflect her personality.

The mark of a great tease is when you become interested in a story or feature you don’t really care about. Listen to the show for an hour and that will probably happen a couple of times at least.

The key? Kimmie is not only good at writing teases, she invests time in them. It doesn’t happen by accident. She makes it a part of her show prep, particularly in her signature feature, Kimmie’s Hit List.

Here are a couple of examples. In the first, she stokes the emotion of outrage to get listeners guessing the identity of a billionaire’s kid. The second is a similar type of tease that hides the identity of a well-known newscaster.


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