In the It’s All About The Hook seminar, the question is asked: “Which is more valuable: A killer hook or great content?”. The answer, of course, is both. And that brings us to this segment from Tracy and Fizz, the morning team on KYGO/Denver.

This is a story about a cat that was left in a freezer at work. It happened to Tracy’s sister in Minnesota. The story itself is interesting and the team has fun talking about it.

But it works primarily because the segment gets off to a fast start. Listen to how Tracy introduces the segment with a quick handshake to transition from music to the talk segment, then pulls the listener in with a strong externally-focused hook. This is infinitely more powerful than launching with “You’re not going to believe what happened to my sister.”.

The key to a great personal story is connecting with the audience on a personal level. And that starts with a killer hook as part of the Set Up…like this.

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