Jonathan Wier reached #1 in his time slot in Kansas City. But that’s not the amazing part of his story. He was on at night on news-talk KMBZ. To reach the top at night on a talk station is incredible. But wait, there’s more. Jonathan’s talk show from 6-9 pm reached #1 in every demographic. When’s the last time you heard of that on any station in any format?

Wier applied many of the concepts you’ve read and heard here, but the most valuable has been applying storytelling techniques, paying particular attention to the payoff. He concentrated mostly on getting out of the break on a high note with a joke and a laugh. The show revolved around Jonathan, but he used cohosts to accent his stories.

Listen to how Wier presented this story, using the cohosts to help by asking questions and making comments, bringing more out of his personality.

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