JoJo Kincaid brought his “A” game every day. Every break. I worked with Jo Jo in the early 90’s at Q106 in San Diego. The thing that impressed me most is that he knew that every break matters. He never just went through the motions.

He didn’t do a lot of prep. but was always prepared. He invested time so he was ready to perform his high-energy show every afternoon. JoJo played the same songs every day but he makes every spin sound like it’s the first time he has had the honor to play it. It sounds like he can’t wait to hear it.

That passion is contagious.

JoJo created an atmosphere of excitement that reached through the speakers and connected with listeners. It was impossible not feel the energy.

One of the greatest compliments for any air talent is that the radio stations sounds better when they’re on. That’s Jo Jo.

Here’s JoJo Kincaid on KKLQ/San Diego in 1989:



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