One of the highlights of the holiday season is Jagger and Kristi’s Christmas Wish on San Diego’s Magic 92.5. The promotion started in 2011 and has grown to a mini-brand that adds tremendous value to the community, station, show, and listeners.

The promotion is simple:

Nominate someone who needs help at Christmas. We’ll grant as many wishes as possible to make this the best Christmas ever.

For details on how to execute and promote it, go here.

But success is all about telling the story. Listen to the artistry in how the duo makes each day’s wish stand out:

Jagger & Kristi are sincere. They’re sound personally invested in the break. They care! It’s not condescending, but warm and inviting.

The story “breathes”. By allowing the listener time to respond, they get more emotion on the air. They don’t rush through the segment, even though the content is longer than normal breaks.

They leave the listener on a high note. Listen to how the mood picks up and the energy increases at the end. They make the audience feel great about it.

Apply these lessons to your own Christmas programming. This is how Christmas is supposed to sound!

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