Delivering a relevant and relatable information segment in an efficient manner with a ton of content and personality is a challenge for many shows. Freska and Rudy on KBLX/San Francisco have figured out how to do it.

Listen to this episode of the Hit List:

Here’s why I love it:

  • The execution is terrific, an ideal execution of our recommended structure for an information segment on music stations.
  • Each story is delivered in a conversational style. Freska is telling the story more than reading it. This can only happen with preparation. It will not sound this good with a rip-and-read approach.
  • Rudy is present throughout the segment, but they hold off on having a conversation until the third story. This gives more “weight” to Story #3 and allows more time for them to let their personality out!
  • Freska starts the segment with a great tease for the third story, referencing Mo Money Mo Problems, one of the best-testing songs on the station. She also recycles the audience to tomorrow morning’s next Hit List episode at the end. Note: In other hours, she’d tease a story in the next Hit List.
  • They wrap the segment with stacked teases for what’s coming up next, including an outstanding tease for their Off the Hook feature.

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