Rocky and Lissa are the morning show on 98.5/KRZ in Scranton, Pa., one of the most respected CHR stations in the US. Recently, Rocky wrote a very nice note about how he uses our Personality Magnet Show Prep Service. 

He wrote:

Just wanted to send along a quick THANKS for the great prep you provide!

Here’s an example of how we took one of your scenarios & voiced it to give it legs, It’s been one of our most listened to segments on our website the last few weeks.

“Is it OK for a bride to party with her friends at her wedding?”

Keep up the awesome work!


He also sent the audio, which is outstanding. Here it is:


  • The key to using all prep services is to adapt the ideas to your show and personality. They do this perfectly here.
  • The duo use the listener’s story (one of the daily Situations in Personality Magnet) as a starting point and develop the scenario as their own.
  • The entire segment sounds like a comfortable, easy conversation with a friend asking for advice.


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