Good News features continue to grow in popularity. The #1 reason listeners choose to tune in to the radio is to be put in a better mood. That’s even more important for KLOVE, where the positioning statement is to be Positive and Encouraging.

But midday host Lauree Austin on Contemporary Christian network KLOVE takes it further. She’s turned Celebrate into a recurring theme on her show.

The station already had other Good News segments, including a story about good things people are doing each hour during Skip and Amy’s morning show and Scott and Kelli’s Feel Good Friday theme.

Here are two recent segments that demonstrate how she executes the feature.

Both of these segments were a positive spin on a serious topic (addiction and jail time) but Lauree’s show is filled with simple celebrations of daily accomplishments and appreciation of life. It’s a perfect fit for KLOVE and her upbeat, clever personality.

There are many ways to execute Good News features. But I love this because it’s organic, involves listeners, and is broad enough to never get stale. Adapt this idea to fit your brand and format! It’s a winner.

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