If you haven’t heard of Frito and Katy yet, you will soon. The new morning show on Y100/San Antonio is one of the smartest and most committed shows in the United States.

Here’s an example that shows off several of their best qualities.

They played a Nursery Rhyme Game with listeners, and it was truly outstanding.

First, they set up the game with a content-based tease. Listen as Katy tells the story about her sister’s baby shower, the context for playing the game:



Frito invited listeners to call and play along, but notice that they don’t make it all about winning the prize (LegoLand tickets are a great prize). The incentive is secondary to playing the game with the show for fun!

Here’s the first round of playing the game:



The great thing about this segment is that nobody got the questions correct, which makes it all the more exciting for those playing along that know the answers. Delayed Resolution makes the game so much more compelling. Of course, they still have tickets to give away and Katy still has questions to ask. So the game continues to another segment:



We have a resolution and a winner. Plus, they return to the questions that were answered incorrectly earlier.

This was a great game. Here’s why it worked so well:

  • The subject of the game is familiar-adults will know the nursery rhymes-but the questions aren’t as easy as it seems. It’s actually hard to come up with the answers. That makes it fun for those playing along.
  • The callers/contestants are fully engaged. Listen to how much fun they are having with the show. This is key to a great game.
  • Don’t play a game for the contestants. But contestants are part of the reason the game works. They’re terrific props that makes the game more entertaining.
  • It’s even more fun because Frito is playing along with Katy’s questions.

Games are an important tool for a well-balanced radio show. The “G” in the GIFS System  (along with I-Information, F-Funny, and S-Story) is how shows engage and interact with the audience.

This is a terrific example of how to manage and present a fun game that pulls in listeners and contestants. For guidance on how to set up and play your own games, follow the guidelines here.

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