Finish The Lyrics is a fun game to play with listeners or as a team show. It’s a great way to get listeners to play along with the game and showcases individual character traits. Free Beer and Hot Wings do a great job with the game. The energy is excellent, and the fun is contagious.



A couple of notes:

  • This is a talk show that has longer talk segments than most shows. It would be easy to break this into two (or even three) segments.
  • Notice how well Kelly name-tags the other team members. This is great for character definition.
  • Though the game is set up to award a point for each correct answer, they forget to keep score! It’s not about who wins. It’s the fun of playing along.
  • If they were keeping score, there could be a penalty for the personality that finishes last. Perhaps performing a minor stunt or a dare. There’s a library of ideas that could be used here.

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