Dean and Rog are the legendary morning show team on Cox Media’s KGLK/Houston. The show is irreverent, naturally funny, and interactive with listeners. Recently, they turned a typical low-hanging fruit topic into a dynamic segment by applying the Fill In The Blank technique.

The topic is fairly common: What was your brush with death. This always leads to good stories, but the show made it more interesting by applying fill-in-the-blank, which is explained in detail here.

Their topic:

I was almost killed by __________.

This segment originated on Facebook, but the topic ignited online and turned into a great segment on-air.

Here’s the setup:



Don’t you love how Dean teases his story forward to the next segment? Many shows would have told the story there, but he leads the audience forward to hear his story about falling off a skyscraper in New York City. Awesome.

And here’s one of the following segments with Dean’s story:



This is a great execution of a simple topic that was made much more interesting by taking a unique angle. The one thing that could have made this even better would be to get more of the listener stories on the air, as cohost Kelly mentions in the second segment. I wanted to hear even more. 

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