Learning to be personal, vulnerable, and relatable is one of the hardest things for a personality. The breakthrough comes in a moment of inspiration. This aircheck is an example of speaking from the heart, from Dan and Michelle on Air 1.

Air 1 plays Christian Worship music. Dan and Michelle are the morning show, mixing relatable, relevant conversations with fun, often funny stories on real-life topics.

Coming out of a song about making it through difficult times (called Another In The Fire by Hillsong United), Michelle was struck by how the song speaks to so many situations she’s aware of.

When I heard this segment, my jaw dropped. It’s brilliant. And powerful.


  • Amazingly, this was not planned far in advance. Michelle felt it and simply spoke from the heart.
  • Dan lets her have the moment without disrupting the flow of the segment or trying to turn it into a conversation. He’s present but is smart enough to realize that this is creating an amazing moment for the show.
  • What a great example of enhancing the listener experience, leveraging a powerful song with an even more powerful talk segment. This is why streaming services can’t compete with real personalities that connect with listeners emotionally.

Listeners get to know you because of what you do. They fall in love because of who you are. They learn about you by speaking from the heart in a personal way or with inspired stories. Well done, Dan and Michelle.

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