Many personalities struggle to find a way to comment on current events. Many are afraid of criticism and complaints that come from having a strong perspective. But staying away from sharing a point of view for fear of triggering a negative reaction (even if it’s from a small minority of listeners) is a sure recipe for being stuck in the Zone of Mediocrity.

Bonneville’s Country-formatted KYGO/Denver features the morning show of Tracy and Fizz. The duo balances a lot of music with character and personality. One of their regular features is Trending, which focuses on a current topic that impacts their audience.

In this example, the show discusses Tik Tok Challenges. The show explains the background of the story and talks about some recent challenges.

The break comes alive when Tracy brings it home by focusing on parenting. She does it with a strong perspective. I’m sure there was some negative feedback, as is common when taking a stand. But this mini-rant is very much in character (Tracy is a mom) and is aligned with the values of the show, station, brand, and company.

Well done!


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