Letty and Teddy are off to a robust start as the new morning show on Power 106/Los Angeles. Recently, their $1,000 Minute game featured Cardi B playing for a contestant. The show is bursting forward daily, and here’s a great example of how the show’s characters are emerging.

This segment launched with a story every show could access, a comment from the Pope warning us about putting pets ahead of children. It’s an interesting story, but listen to what they did with it:

Here’s what to love in this segment:

  • Letty (host) gets into the story quickly with a “warning to all pet parents”. Notice how she slows this down and uses her voice as a tool to communicate emotion. And she doesn’t start with the pope. She makes it personal, directing comments to pet parents. This is a strong hook.
  • This story was particularly relevant because cast member Demi Lobo is a pet parent. Teddy brings her into the conversation immediately and she is ready to respond with a personal story that turns up the volume on the topic. I love how she leaped to an extreme. That’s provocative.
  • Javen (another cohost) shows what it means to Listen and Respond when he raises the stakes by asking, “What if it was between your human best friend and your dog?”. The segment elevates because he paid attention to the conversation. And Demi doesn’t back down. Very provocative!
  •  The show quickly discusses the original story, bringing Producer Noor into the conversation before returning to Demi’s personal story.
  • And they bring it home when Demi calls Teddy out for letting his dog lick his head, resulting in a great punchline. They do talk over one another a bit here, but the payoff still lands.
  • Finally, Letty smoothly transitions from the high point of this segment to a tease for The Daily Dose (entertainment feature) and moves forward at just the right time.

This segment was concise, focused, funny, and a great example of how to hijack a topic as unique content instead of being just a commentary on an interesting story.

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