Managing phone topics can be tricky. It seems easy: Introduce a topic. Invite listeners to participate. Put callers on. But there’s a lot more to it, as Air1’s Careth and Ashton demonstrate in this phone topic break.

Listen carefully to how they set up and manage the content in this break:

  • The topic is set up with a relevant story about the woman that found the recorded “Siri” files on her mobile phone.
  • They quickly hijack the topic, turning it into unique content on their show.
  • The first caller is set up and ready to go, adding energy and momentum to the storyline. Putting callers on is a key to getting more callers because nobody wants to be first.
  • Careth mixes in a couple of comments from social media. This is terrific to add color without discouraging phone response.
  • Both Careth and Ashton mix in personal stories from their lives. These come into the topic at just the right time. It’s relatable, not self-absorbed!
  • Perhaps best of all, the show is using listener reactions to help tell their story. They’re not just turning the show over to callers. That takes a special skill!

I couldn’t be more proud of this show. They’re friendly, fresh, good-natured, and fun to listen to!

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