The Country Music Association (CMA) awarded the KYGO Morning Show of Tracy and Fizz the Personality Of The Year Award.

One of the things that stands out about this show is how they take ordinary content and make it extraordinary. And that’s what they did with this Book Of Records phone topic.

Book Of Records is a technique that adds energy and excitement to something that is otherwise common. It can turn low-hanging fruit content into memorable stories.

Here’s how they did it. In the first segment, the show sets up a story from the news about the cost of a pair of designer sneakers. But they don’t just say:

Isn’t it amazing how much these shoes cost? Wow, who would pay that?

Instead, they make it personal to the listener, challenging listeners to admit the most they’ve paid for a pair of shoes.



The first segment sets up listener stories and makes the topic personal and local. The Book Of Records is a great tool for “quest” topics by challenging listeners to go to the extremes: the most, biggest, most extreme, etc.

Here’s the next segment:



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