Many factors contribute to an effective tease. But at the end of the day, the most important (and most effective) way to get listeners to come back for another appointment is simply investing the time and creative effort to make it successful. That’s why you gotta love this tease from Big Bay Mornings on KMVQ/San Francisco.

The show features three highly talented personalities: Benny (the host) is joined by market veteran Greg and the relatively new (one year) Nikki. The show’s primary appointment-setting feature is a daily drama called Love Trap, centered around a relationship story similar to the popular feature War Of the Roses.

Greg spends a lot of time and creative energy making the teases for this feature truly great. And he delivers the tease with enthusiasm, skill, and expertise each time. It’s not the only reason for the show’s amazing success, but it’s a big contributor.

Listen to this tease for Love Trap.

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