A shared trait of great team shows is the ability (and willingness) to listen and respond as conversations evolve during a segment. Some personalities are so focused on the show prep plan, they miss better opportunities. Others are locked into what they want to say and miss what is actually happening at the moment. That’s why adjusting to the conversation is an important skill.

Free Beer And Hot Wings are great improvisers. Their funniest moments are often unplanned surprises. They don’t plan surprising moments, but they don’t plan on them happening. And that’s key.

This segment was well-planned. It was about people who are routinely late. That’s a relevant topic. But the break takes a detour. And not just once, but twice. Critics will point out that the show violates a fundamental rule of strong execution by staying focused on the plan. And that is correct. But rules are made to be broken. And in this case, it works.

Listen as the segment starts with a conversation about being late, then turns into a discussion about Christmas tree bonfires. But the segment gets truly funny when it evolves to an entirely unexpected topic. This can only happen with creative talent adjusting to the conversation.


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