Tracy Johnson

“My career was built on inspiring great performances from talented characters and personalities. I’m passionate about offering my experience and expertise to your personalities, podcasters, video streamers, and media brands.”

I’ve loved influencing audiences since I turned on a microphone on KNLV Radio in Central Nebraska as a 14-year-old with no idea what I was doing. At 21, I hosted the morning show and programmed a top-rated station (KFRX) in Lincoln, Ne.

I’ve been a music director, Program Director, Consultant, Operations Manager, Market Brand Manager, and Director of Audience Engagement (Triton Digital).

I was named Best Radio Programmer in America by Radio Ink magazine.

I earned multiple PD and Station of the Year awards from media trade publications.

I led two brands in San Diego from worst to first in three years.

My book Morning Radio is described as The Bible of Personality Radio and is used by media personalities worldwide.

But one thing has been the backbone of my career: My gift is the ability to identify talent and inspire great performances. I understand the importance and nuance of nurturing content creators like radio personalities, video streamers, and podcasters to find their unique voice and use it to their full potential.

Dynamic, interesting personalities command attention by performing in a way that nobody else can. It’s not about finding the right topic or talking about the most relevant content. It’s all about doing it in a way that can’t be replicated. Everything else can be replicated, duplicated, and replaced. Great talent is the only way a brand can survive, let alone thrive.

We help personalities find their voice and reach their potential.

Let’s bring the magic to you and your team.

Tracy Johnson

Tracy Wrote The Book On Personality Radio

A Guide To Developing On-Air Superstars has helped thousands of personalities in more than 50 countries master the art of personality radio. Now you can put the guy who wrote the book on your team to inspire your own superstars.

“This is the best book I’ve read about radio…period.” -Scott Shannon

Tracy Johnson - Morning Radio Consultant and Talent Coach
Tracy Johnson

    President, TJMG

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