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Andy has coached talent for more than two decades, from entry-level to seasoned veteran.

Meadows is equal parts cheerleader, coach, therapist, and teacher. He understands how to apply each skill to individual’s strengths while helping mitigate weaknesses.

Andy believes in creative personalities drawing inspiration from everyone and everything. He says, “Ultimately we don’t broadcast to rooms full of radio folks. We talk to real people in their cars, homes, and offices. Making those personal connections is what it’s all about.”

Andy grew up in a small market radio station his family-owned in the Texas Hill Country and appeared on his first radio commercial at age five (thanks, Fern’s Donut Shop). By age 9, he had his own weekend specialty show and by the time he reached High School, he was performing live on KRVL in Kerrville, TX.

Andy became a Program Director at Age 19 and was General Manager in a small market while still in college. He was Program Director and Operations Director for LKCM Broadcasting, based in Ft. Worth, Texas, overseeing programming, operations, digital initiatives, and engineering for the 13 station group.

Andy excels in one-on-one coaching and loves the process of creating great radio through in-depth preparation and excellence in execution.

In his spare time, he is the lead singer of a Big Band, crooning everything from Sinatra to Bob Wills with a 10-piece band.

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