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Latest Blog Posts

When Things Are Really Bad…Are You Really Good?

by Tracy Johnson on July 24th

Many times, personalities make the greatest impact in the face of tragedy. A natural disaster in the community. A child is kidnapped. A shooting at a school. Your ability to respond appropriately and quickly is critical. You don’t have the luxury of planning, preparing and setting up an orchestrated response. In times like this, you […] Read More »

Pet Lovers: You Have to Use This

by Tracy Johnson on July 22nd

If you do anything with pets on your show, don’t miss this. It’s a heartwarming commentary in pictures from a dog’s point of view on the day he would be put to sleep. Titled “A Dog’s Last Day on Earth”, this should be on your website or Facebook page. Just try to get through it […] Read More »

5 Radio Lessons From a Flock of Geese

by Tracy Johnson on July 21st

Growing up on the plains of Nebraska, we witnessed the annual migrations of geese and our native Sandhills Cranes to the south in the fall and north again in the spring. Their familiar v-shaped flying pattern is an example of the power of team. This blog post from a business management site points out the relationship between geese in the […] Read More »