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Latest Blog Posts

Which Would You Rather Be? An Interesting Personality or a Personality That’s Interesting?

by Tracy Johnson on April 21st

Think about it before you answer. Which would you rather be? They are not the same. Long term success is more than just being a colorful personality who captures the public’s imagination for a short time. They may be interesting personalities, but a personality that’s interesting can remain interesting long after the initial “oh wow” factor […] Read More »

10 Types of Content That Can’t Miss

by Tracy Johnson on April 14th

This article is a guest post, written by Eric Rowe, known as Producer Eric, the outstanding puppet-master behind Roula & Ryan. The show, heard mornings on KRBE/Houston, is among the most popular in the U.S. Eric shares how he helps them make it happen by choosing relevant content. I’ve been lucky doing successful morning radio in […] Read More »

Getting Your Show From a 7 to a 10

by Tracy Johnson on April 10th

When’s the last time you listened to your show and really liked a lot of things, but didn’t quite love anything? It’s a solid “B” but doesn’t quite rate an “A”? It’s acceptable. It’s good enough. It gets a passing grade, but it’s not amazing. What could put you over the top and get to […] Read More »