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Improve Your Ratings: 3 Ways to Play to Ratings Respondents

by Tracy Johnson on September 18th

  As long as the radio industry is going to allow the ratings services to hold us hostage to their insanely outdated methods of gathering ratings data, programmers should at least know how to play the game. Doesn’t it make sense to know as much about those consumers most likely to participate with Nielsen, BBM […] Read More »

The Scariest Question You’ve Ever Been Asked

by Tracy Johnson on September 15th

Warning: Don’t read this unless you’re ready to evaluate your station, show, career and personality in a deep, honest manner. I’m going to ask you a terrifying question, one that will reveal if you’re on a career path or are just holding a job. Whether you’re performing a show or working a shift. This is […] Read More »

Good Enough? No. Never.

by Tracy Johnson on September 11th

I was honored to be a featured speaker at the CMB (Christian Music Broadcasters) Momentum conference in Orlando last week. They put on a great conference of dedicated, professional broadcasters on a mission far greater than the pursuit of ratings and revenue. For the most part, I came away impressed, inspired and challenged by their […] Read More »