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Latest Blog Posts

Do More Music Morning Shows Work?

by Tracy Johnson on August 21st

Throw this question out to a group of broadcasters and just sit back and be entertained. It’s a heated argument, and while there are certain situations when de-emphasizing personality may make sense, at least short term, it’s not a long-term solution. Regardless of what research reports indicate, most stations won’t win in the morning without a […] Read More »

Take An Extra Two Minutes and Make a Great Tweet

by Tracy Johnson on August 19th

Twitter Is full of incredibly valuable content, and almost as much (or more) useless self promotion. If all your radio station has to Tweet is the title and artist of each and every song you’re playing, don’t bother! And yes, one of the stations I followed (past tense) was doing just that. Stuntman Stu from Majic 100 […] Read More »

At Promotions, Give Them A Show Or Don’t Show Up

by Tracy Johnson on August 14th

It makes me absolutely crazy to see radio station promotions at events or appearances. There’s a van. Maybe a tent. Or perhaps just a card table with a banner. And there are a couple of minimum wage promo assistants talking amongst themselves while potential listeners and ratings respondents ignore you. Because you’re not doing anything […] Read More »